4 Ways to Protect Your Blog from Spam Comments

As a blogger, you are supposed to be enjoying when your blog grows but I have discovered this to be the opposite, the more your blog grows, the more problem you have dealing with spam comments. This post will be talking about 4 ways you can prevent spammers from overloading your blog with spam comments – by taking the advice in this post you will be able to eliminate spam comments completely.

Moderate Comments

There are two types of spammers, the first one is the human spammer – this type of spammer is the one that can fill captchas and do the rest and the other type is the bot.

It is very important to be moderating comments on your blog or let users pass through a moderation schedule, for example, you will moderate their first two comments and after that the remaining comments will be automatically approved. This method works because it will help you get rid of most comments.

Disable Trackbacks

One thing I have noticed from blog comments spam is that the majority of spam comments come from trackbacks. You will be surprised to publish a post only to see 25 sites linking back to you, by the time you visit all those 25 sites you will discover all of them are using a related post plugin in order to boost their SEO.

It can be frustrating trying to approve the legitimate trackbacks one by one, especially if you have a big blog, in this case the best thing to do is to disable trackbacks on your blog.


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Use Akismet

One of the best wordpress plugins you will ever install that will help you fight spammers and spam comments is the akismet plugin.

This plugin is very difficult to break because it uses akismet’s live server and if your comment is being marked continuously as spam your email address will be banned thereby making sure spammers cannot get across.

Install Conditional Captcha

Another great plugin you should install is the conditional captcha plugin, this plugin is so effective and it complements akismet. I haven’t got a single spam comment since installing this plugin.

Don’t let the name of this plugin confuse you, it is not a captcha plugin that will be displaying obtrusive captchas on your blog, all it does is that when akismet marks a commenters comment as spam it will redirect the commenter to a captcha page and if the commenter cannot get the captcha the comment will be deleted permanently but if the commenter could get the captcha the comment will be approved.

Over To You!

The above are 4 solid ways you can prevent spam comments completely on your blog, have you implemented them? What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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